Truthdweller Contributors

Cecily Moore Founder | Writer | Enneargram Coach


Cecily writes about healing for women to encourage them to embrace their true identity in Christ. A journey of her own after sexual abuse, trauma, and a broken marriage.

"Your lies will not go any further with me, and as you enter into truth I want to look around and admire the beauty of your story and healing.
You can walk in purpose, right where you are." She started TD to create a place where women can come out of hiding and find healing and championed on.

Trish Blaschko Devotional | Content Writer


Trish loves the Word, and has found it vital to being a homeschooling mom, wife, and realtor. You will find humor, and depth to her approach leaving you meditating in a whole new way on God's Word. 

Danielle Bettmann Devotional Writer (childhood specialist)


Danielle writes to inspire hope in families as she has seen God's healing in hers. She is passionate about bringing hope and healing to homes through her company 

Melanie Pickett Devotional Writer


Mom, wife, and writer Melanie survived a 15-year abusive marriage to a man who tried to kill her. She writes to encourage others 'whatever you've been  through, YOU are beautiful, you are worthy, and you are strong.' She is living proof  and wants you to be as well. Read more at

Katie Baker Devotional Writer


Katie writes to remind others to live abundantly, wherever God has placed them. You can check out her weekly devotionals, join her at MomStrong International studies, and read about faith, wellness, and abundance at

Ashli Nicole Cubitt Devotional Writer


Ashli writes to remind women no matter where they have been or what their past has held, Jesus will meet you where you are and use the broken pieces of your story to bring healing to others. She uses her story to do just that. 

Mandy Lawson Devotional Writer


Fun-loving, and real Mandy loves to write and share her heart with her readers. Along with being a wife and mom she loves Jesus, to sing to the top of her lungs, watch Friends, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Twilight, and  Harry Potter. "I also love Justin Timberlake and my husband, but that’s  none of your business." Check out her Novels at

Crystal Jo Devotional Writer


Crystal loves being a wife, mom, and social worker but has learned that her true identity comes through Christ. The Lord has used the pain in her life to show the transformative power that can only come through Him. You can find Crystal sharing her messages of hope on the mental health awareness site, Hope in a Hopeless World found here @hopeinahopelessworld2

Cherie Denna Devotional Writer


Writing with grit and truth, Cherie’s story is one of radical grace and redemption. She tells her story to encourage the outcast, the abused, and those who remain trapped in a mistaken identity. “Your story may be the key to unlocking someone else’s prison.” When Cherie isn’t writing, she enjoys planning retreats, leading workshops, and enjoying life with her husband in NorCal.

Leslie Cypert Devotional Writer


Mom, wife, and music teacher Leslie says

Tom Petty best descries her in his lyric, "she's crazy about Elvis, loves Jesus, and horses, too." She seeks to fill other's cups because God has poured her an overflow. She is also a self-care advocate for the tired and busy mom. 



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