Common Questions

What is the Enneagram?


  • The Enneagram is a guide for personal growth and discovery. It describes the 9 personality types and how they relate to the world.
  • Each type has their own way of thinking, reacting, and behaving. They are each motivated by a core fear, core desire, lost childhood message, variety of gifts, and core weaknesses. 
  • It combines spiritual wisdom and modern psychology to help us notice the motivational core of our normal unaware self. It helps us discover the 'whys' behind many of our positive and negative behaviors.  
  • Many of us follow the same reactions, patterns, and habits since childhood. The Enneagram can help you unravel layers you’ve hung onto that once kept you safe, but no longer serve you. Then you can freely walk in the purpose God created you for.
  • We all have lenses that we view the world through, often that we are unaware of. You will begin to notice the ones you see the world through and the lenses that others see the world through. This promotes compassion, understanding, and forgiveness towards others and yourself.

Why types? I don't want to be labeled.

  • You might feel as though getting typed boxes you in. The reality is you get into behavior patterns, thinking and reacting on automatic pilot. Learning to understand why you do what you do helps you get out of that behavior, climbing out of the box you have put yourself in. You are much more than a number, you are uniquely and purposefully made by the creator of the universe. The Enneagram is a powerful tool toward growth and personal development. 


How can it bring personal transformation?

  • Once you understand your motivations, you can begin to let go of your core needs you've been trying to obtain from the world, and freely receive them from God.You stop making decisions from this lie, and dwell in truth. 
  • When you walk in this truth, you can freely love and extend forgiveness to yourself and those around you. You can be at ease in your own skin, quickly recognize your triggers before reacting, and you are more present. Walking in this freedom creates space for more praise, creativity, joy, compassion, and healthy relationships. 

Learn More About The Types

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